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Therapy for toenail discoloration & deformity, Providence, Rhode Island
Laser Therapy for Fungal Toenails
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FAQs for Laser Therapy for Fungal Nail Disease


New Technology for ugly toenail fungus, heel pain & chronic muscle pain
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New Technology for ugly toenail fungus, heel pain & chronic muscle pain

Advances in podiatric medicine have come a long way in the last decade and problems like nail discoloration and in-grown nails, which used to have no effective treatment, or offered mediocre results, now have very effective treatments.


Nail discoloration is definitely one of those medical conditions that may not result in death, but can definitely impact a person’s desire to take off his or her socks or shoes at yoga or at the pool. Even if one’s nails are relatively healthy, it can be somewhat alarming (although unfairly) to suddenly see discolored nails when a person is wearing flip flops or sandals.


Fortunately, modern medicine and technology have come together to offer some truly amazing and effective laser nail treatments that can dramatically reduce or even eliminate unsightly nail discoloration. There are several types laser nail treatment and several different technologies so it is wise to consult a professional to find out what your options are. The cost of individual treatments can vary and the time it takes to see results can range from days or weeks, to months.


Most importantly, when considering all of your choices, it is crucial for new patients to consult an experienced podiatrist when it comes to considering laser therapy for nail fungus. Every patient is unique and even if two cases look similar, only a qualified and trained physician can diagnose the correct medical issue and recommend the best treatment plan for each patient.


Consulting a podiatrist and getting a correct diagnosis will also shed light on whether or not your treatment is covered by medical insurance. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that your issue is covered and your doctor can educate you about the pros and cons of other treatment options, like a prescription or home therapies.